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Thread: Thumbnails move location at end of row

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    Thumbnails move location at end of row

    Does anyone know why the row of thumbnails shifts down when you browse through the images and get to the last image in the row of thumbnails?

    The page I'm referring to is: http://jbc-studios.com/acrylics_gallery.html (click next until you get to the end of the row (images 6 and 12).

    The JS file is at http://jbc-studios.com/jas-acrylic.js

    and the CSS file is: http://jbc-studios.com/styles.css

    I thought it might have something to do with the width of the thumbnail container but that doesn't seem to affect it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Also, thumbnails not showing in IE

    I just noticed that the thumbnails aren't showing up at all in IE. They are visible in Firefox.


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    Cleaned up things but still thumbnails dont display in IE6

    I've cleaned up a lot of things and all is working except the thumbnails still won't display in IE6 but do in IE7 so it must be an IE6 issue. Does anyone have any suggestions for correcting it in IE6?


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