I have a MySQL database with a table called events. Each event has a time associated with it - it should be processed precisely at that time - to the second.

The core of my system (that gerenerates all these events) is php based, so I think the best way of processing these events will be a php daemon/service.

(1) What is the best place to start when thinking about building a php daemon/service?

(2) Are there libraries that will work on Windows AND Linux? Or will the control structures have to be completely different.

(3) I'd like this to be able to be multi-threaded. Is this possible?

(4) I don't want to be on the bleeding edge. If there are de facto solutions out there I'd love to know about them.

(5) I think these should be in php as there is a reasonable amount of business logic associated with processing these events. Is this a correct assumptiuon - I mean could this be handled entirely by some feature of MySQL?