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Thread: Error message positioning

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    Question Error message positioning

    Please help me!

    I want to know the code to simply showing the error message beside the textbox in which the error take place. For example: in registration form, when the user input a username that is already exist, i want to show the error message "The username you entered already exist" beside the username textbox
    hope you get what i want to point out. Thanks in advance.

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    Multiple ways to do this. Simplest would be just to spit out the error when postback occurred

    PHP Code:
    $username clean_string($_POST['username']);
    $query sprintf("SELECT 1 FROM `users` WHERE `username` = '%s'"$username);
    //... etc
      // If exists
    $error 'Error message';

    <input name="username" type="text" /><?php !empty($error) ? $error '' ?>

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    Thanks @ssystems i solved the problem already. More power to you. Cheers!

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