I'm using code from this site http://www.phpwebcommerce.com/index.php I just want to get better at PHP and learn it so I set up a simple store following that tutorial. However in the admin section when I try to add a new product the combo box doesn't allow me to select the category. It is listing the category, but it isn't allowing me to select it
This is the web page that refers to this part I am stuck on:

Below is the code that I am using:
PHP Code:
    Generate combo box options containing the categories we have.
    if $catId is set then that category is selected
function buildCategoryOptions($catId 0)
$sql "SELECT cat_id, cat_parent_id, cat_name
            FROM tbl_category
            ORDER BY cat_id"
$result dbQuery($sql) or die('Cannot get Product. ' mysql_error());
$categories = array();
$row dbFetchArray($result)) {
$id$parentId$name) = $row;
        if (
$parentId == 0) {
// we create a new array for each top level categories
$categories[$id] = array('name' => $name'children' => array());
        } else {
// the child categories are put int the parent category's array
$categories[$parentId]['children'][] = array('id' => $id'name' => $name);    
// build combo box options
$list '';
    foreach (
$categories as $key => $value) {
$name     $value['name'];
$children $value['children'];
$list .= "<optgroup label=\"$name\">";
        foreach (
$children as $child) {
$list .= "<option value=\"{$child['id']}\"";
            if (
$child['id'] == $catId) {
$list.= " selected";
$list .= ">{$child['name']}</option>rn";
$list .= "</optgroup>";

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.