Hello there,
I am somewhat new at javascript, and have found myself stuck and in need of help regarding dynamically allocated select drop down menu items. I have as of yet only been able to get a pop up alert when selecting anything from the select drop down menu [eg: alert('hello');] if not executing any logic-filter. My question is this: Can I access the fields from the select drop down directly by accessing it by name (eg: document.tokenform.sel.options....) as shown below in the function, or can I pass this via the myOnClick function? I would strongly appreciate any help that might be offered considering my encountered dilemma.
Thanks, Jeff

// select cell
var cellRightSel = row.insertCell(1);
var sel = document.createElement('select');
sel.name = 'selRow' + lastRow + 3;
sel.options[0] = new Option(x0, 'x0');
sel.options[1] = new Option(x1, 'x1');
sel.options[2] = new Option(x2, 'x2');

function myOnClick(e) {
if(document.tokenform.sel.options[document.tokenform.sel.selectedIndex].value == "x1"){