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Thread: Accessibility Survey ....Please read this

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    Lightbulb Accessibility Survey ....Please read this

    Dear Friends

    A very Good morning to you. I hope you are doing well and enjoying each moment of your life.

    I need your help in research i am doing on Accessibility Problems faced by disabled people around the world and webmasters concerns for implementing accessibility over websites

    About 97% of websites fail to meet the most basic requirements for accessibility.

    Global Statistics suggest that:
    • Worldwide, between 600 - 750 million people have a disability
    • 3 out of every 10 families are touched by a disability

    We are trying to find out why even after so may years of accessibility guidelines by W3C we are still not able to implement them in our websites.

    I shall be thankful to you if you can spare 5 min of yours and complete this survey for webmasters around the world.


    I shall be happy to give accessibility analysis report for your website as token of thanks for completing this short 3-5 min survey.

    I thank you from core of my heart for sparing up your time in reading this long message.

    With Best Wishes for you and your family

    And I request to moderators , if it seems fine to you and if is within forum guidelines can we make this thread sticky ?

    Thank You

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    One of the webmaster who participated in the survey gave us feedback , asking motive of the survey.

    This work is being done as part of university research on Accessibility

    What we are trying to find out from this.

    * Webmasters point of view of accessibility problem. Why webmasters are not able to take up and implement accessibility guidelines in all of their work.
    * What problems they are facing in implementing those guidelines?
    * Does tough project timeline and money put constraints for implementing accessibility?
    * Is knowledge of webmasters related to accessibility bottleneck?
    * Whose responsibility does they feel in implementing Accessibility ? Are they just trying to pass the ball?

    I hope at the end of this process we shall be able to have answers to some of these questions.

    Incase you haven't participated in the survey yet. Please spare 3-5 min of yours.

    Accessibility Survey

    Thanks for your time . Your comments and suggestions are heartily welcome.

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    Thanks to all of those who have participated in the survey till now.

    We are looking for some more webmasters to take part in the process , please spare your 3-5 min and share your views regarding accessibility with us. We shall be happy to hear from your side.

    If you haven't taken part in this short survey please spare 3-5 min of yours and just complete it.

    Accessibility Survey

    The results of the findings will be shared with all of you very soon as soon as we complete the process.

    Also Please consider putting link in your signatures/blogs/websites for this survey so that we may get some wider participation from your friends around the world.

    Please feel free to give your feedback , comments , suggestions directly to us at our blog created for this research.

    Accessibility Research Blog

    Thanks once again and have a nice day

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