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    Php cms

    hi people,
    I'm trying to create a PHP content management system for my website where admin can login to edit results for matches for my sports team. So far I've created the login section which redirects them to a password protected area of the site. I can then display all of the relevant information such as the score, opposition etc. I'm just unsure of how to allow them to edit the data. I'm using a MySQL database for this and PHP 5.
    Can anybody give me some sort of idea on how to get started on this or point me to some useful information. Obviously I'm not expecting an entire solution but any help would be great.

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    Hi mate,

    I think that you will gonna save a lot headache if you try CakePHP framework to create a custom CMS, there are some very nice scaffolding options and libraries that i am sure will help.

    Kind regards

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    ok thanks for the help. i'll have a look at that.
    I think I am out of my depth trying to build it from scratch...

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