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Thread: Newbie onchange event problem

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    Newbie onchange event problem

    Yay my first post!

    Firefox 3 and IE8 are giving me different values for an onchange event attached to a form select box. All I'm trying to do is detect when a user chooses an item in a select box. If he choses the empty item I want my "Next" button disabled. If he choses a valid name, then I want the "Next" button enabled. Here's the relevant code.

    <script type="text/javascript">
    function toggleButton() {
    	if ((document.getElementsByName("T1")[0].value == "") && (document.getElementsByName("T2")[0].value == ""))
    		{document.getElementsByName("nextBtn")[0].disabled = true;}
    		{document.getElementsByName("nextBtn")[0].disabled = false;}
    And the associated HTML

    HTML Code:
    <select name="T1" onChange="toggleButton()"><option></option><option>Mrs Amber</option></select
    When toggleButton() fires after an onchange event the two .value calls return the current correct values. When I do this in IE8, the .value calls are always empty (I assume "").

    Can someone fill me in on what IE8's doing and how I can resolve this? (And if you happen to see any general coding improvements, this ex Smalltalk/newbie Javascript developer would welcome them. )

    Thank you in advance.

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    try including the value attribute to html option. on some browsers when the value is missing it use the text as the value. probably this isn't supposed to happen. if that is true, then that is the case of firefox3 and msie8.
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    Problem Solved! Thank You.

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