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Thread: ImageCreateFromPNG( "myImage.php" )

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    ImageCreateFromPNG( "myImage.php" )

    I'm trying to use ImageCreateFromPNG to open a dynamic image file created by another PHP document. it looks like this:

    test.php :
    <? (...) $my_image = ImageCreateFromPNG("image.php"); (...)?>
    image.php :
    <? header("Content-type: image/png"); (...) imagepng($im); ImageDestroy($im); ?>
    The "image.php" file works properly when displayed in a browser,
    yet "test.php" says that it "is not a valid PNG file" when I'm trying to access it via ImageCreateFromPNG.

    am I missing something?

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    That function is trying to open the PHP file, and isn't running that PHP file through PHP to get the output. This will probably be a three step process:

    1) Use fopen and pass it a URL to the script.

    2) Save the resulting image as a resource handle.

    3) Create a PNG file using the ImageCreateFromPNG() function.

    The best solution would be to move functionality common to creating images to another file that both image.php and your current script can use. That way you won't need to open an HTTP connection just to create and save an image on the same server. Then the process would be:

    1) Create the image

    2) Save the resulting image as a resource handle.

    3) Create a PNG file using the ImageCreateFromPNG() function.

    This should bypass the inefficiencies of HTTP connections.

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    That is wrong. When you are doing that, PHP is trying to open "image.php" just like when you open it to edit its contents (the file is parsed and run by PHP to generate an image only when it's requested over the network, i.e. http://example.com/image.php). You have two options:
    1. Use imageCreateFromPng('http://example.com/image.php');, but this is bad.
    2. Simply include the image.php file.

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    thanks for your answers.

    I have solved the problem by including the functionality of the image.php file into my actual script.

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