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Thread: Coldfusion - create "permanently bypass" option on splash page

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    Coldfusion - create "permanently bypass" option on splash page

    I have a splash page for our site (not my choice, but my client wants it), and I need to add an option to "permanently bypass" beside the enter store option.

    Anyone have any idea or advice on how to create that so that it works properly?

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    add this to the top of your page.

    <cflocation url="whereYouWantToGo.html"/>

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    The only thing I can think of is to use cookies. If a person has cookies disabled in their browser, then they will see the splash page every time.

    In Application.cfm, use a conditional to check if the cookie exists; if not, create it and default it to 1; if it does exist, get the value.

    If value = 0, skip the splash page; if value = 1, show the splash page.

    Create a checkbox to "skip this in the future" and use the onClick to change the value of the cookie.

    I see that this thread is weeks old; hope you still check here from time to time.


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