Currently i'm using this PHP code to create random images in fixed DIVS.
I have 7 jpgs that i randomly want to load in a <div>. My client doesn't want to have PHP so i'm thinking JS.

Is there anybody out there who wants to help me. I can find a lot of JS load random files. But the tricky thing is that the JS is not allowed to duplicate. So he can use each JPG once.

// rotate images randomly but w/o dups on same page - format: 
// <img src='rotate.php?i=0'> - rotate image #0 - use 'i=1' 
// for second, etc 
// (c) 2004 David Pankhurst - use freely, but please leave in my credit 
$images=array( // list of files to rotate - add as needed 
 "IMAGES/7.jpg" ); 
$secondsFixed=1; // seconds to keep list the same 
for ($i=0;$i<$total;++$i) // shuffle list 'randomly' 
 $temp =$images[$i]; 
$index=(int)($_GET['i']); // image index passed in 
$i=$index%$total; // make sure index always in bounds 
header("Location: $file"); // and pass file reference back