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Thread: get rid of headers and footers while printing

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    get rid of headers and footers while printing

    hi there,

    this seems to be a problem for many people, ive had a real good look for a solution to this but there doesnt seem to be a solution to this one.

    when i print a web page, certain information is added to the letter by the browser into the header and footer.

    info like "Page 1 of 4", the date, the document URL...

    it would be great if javasrcipt (or css would be even better) could turn off the header and footer info so it wasnt printed out.

    most articles i have seen say you cant do it and you need to switch the header and footer off in "page setup" or "print preview" in the print dialog boxes.

    good luck,


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    You cannot change the user's settings like that, it's totally up to them what to print. All you can do is use a "print" stylesheet to add or remove stuff on the page.

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