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    movie web banners

    Hi All,

    Im the webmaster of my local cinema website, and I want to change my current "fat" homepage movie graphics to "slim" web banners/skyscrapers.

    But when i have ever tried to create them because of the size of your generic film poster tall and slim it's sometimes not easy to fit all of the posters content in.

    So I was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to make some quality movie web banners/skyscrapers graphics? If there are any golden rules?

    For example like the ones on http://www.odeon.co.uk/

    Or know if there are any graphics websites that have them pre-made?

    Fail those first two questions is there any law against me going to other cinema websites and using there's?

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    I don't have experience creating movie poster banners or anything, but I do create my own site graphics and banners. My only advice would be to stop trying to cram all the movie poster information into a skinny banner and just select key elements to represent. Such as the new X-Men Origins banner you see on that site you linked. They just took the main character, stylized him and put a logo on the bottom. If you make it catchy enough, and use it as a link to an information page about the movie, you'll get your point across easily enough.

    You may be able to get pre-made graphics from the production company, I'm not entirely sure on that one. I would think that they have promotional packages for movie theaters to help promote their products.

    I would be very cautious when "borrowing" another websites graphics. Most sites really do not approve of such things. I would get in contact with the sites admins and ask them for their permission (and make sure they aren't using the images under some underlying license, because then you may need more than their permission).

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