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Thread: add style sheet

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    add style sheet

    I know that this is beginner’s stuff but I am a beginner and I hope that I use the correct speak!!!.

    I have a global CSS but I wish to enable a variable number of images to be located into one page, in response to a viewers actions. I think I need a local style sheet rather than a table ????

    I have a dynamic site, customers can select a standard kit (each kit has a dedicated KitID in the DB) they can then select a dedicated options page for that kit where they can modify the kits contents – this page displays a text description and the price for each option all located in an Access database which contains text, price and an image address.

    Currently the kit Option Page displays whatever options are available and the corresponding price – I now wish to display an image of each option on the same page. Is a style sheet the answer – if so I would like absolute guidance on doing it.


    If the page code is needed I can paste it in!

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    A stylesheet only styles existing elements. If you're wanting to add elements dynamically, you'll need to use image tags, relate the src of the image to the query and add the image names to the database.

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    By default, a "style.css" file will be used from your theme when no other styles are defined inside the .info file. Adding other styles is as simple as defining a new 'stylesheets' key with its media property and the name of the style sheet. Keep in mind that defining custom styles will prevent the default "style.css" from loading.

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