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Thread: Expert Flash/Java advice needed

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    Expert Flash/Java advice needed


    i am actually a small business owner in the UK. I currently have someone inhouse building an interactive web based floorplner for people to use.

    The basic floorplan, which in all fairness is very detailed, is taking a long time to build however one of my gravest concerns is after it is built..
    For example, should we decide to add a new feature at a later date, how can we ensure that it wont stop another previously feature working?

    Also, if the guy does leave my office, how can i ensure i have all the correct fields and that another person can use it?

    i have a mysql database built to use as a crm by an offshore company and every time they upload something new, something that previously worked, stops working and it drives me mad so i cant begin to imagine what it would be like if this happens for a complex flash/java wrriten application especially if the guy leaves.

    Thanks in advance

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    If the guy leaves, make sure the original files for the project remain with you. A project developed in Flash using good programming practices can be quite maintainable in the long term. It also sounds like you need a development server for this application, so maybe you can test out the database upgrades before they go live. Then when the upgrades go live you can republish the .swf file with the appropriate fixes. It also begs the question "why do upgrades constantly break your application?" It might be worth your while to contact a Flash development consultant to see what can be changed code-wise so updates don't break the application.

    Lastly, this forum is for JavaScript, a scripting language run in a web browser, and you are asking about Flash or Java, which are both entirely different from JavaScript. You might try posting this question in the Java or Multimedia forums for help specific to Java (not JavaScript) and Flash (ActionScript).

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