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    Smile Which Scripting Language?

    So I'm trying to get into web development - once you've got past xHTML and CSS what you can do becomes pretty limited and you need to start playing around with server and client side scripting languages. The question for me is: which ones do I make the effort of learning?

    I know how popular PHP is but I was wondering whether to consider any others - I'm not talking about which is the best one for beginners, just what do the different 'big-boys' do?

    I'm talking about Perl, Ruby/Ruby on rails, Python etc - all these I hear about - what do they do individually? What makes them different from each other? What are the pros and cons of each?
    Or maybe it's a mac/pc situation where its each developer to his own.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated .
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    The "big boys" (i.e. Fortune 500 companies and other major players) probably mostly use Java (JSP) or C++/C#.NET. PHP is probably the next most popular, though it's more likely to be found in lower budget operations and very widely in non-profit/hobby sites. Python has recently been making gains in popularity and probably competes most directly with PHP.

    One source of comparison (but by no means definitive): http://www.tiobe.com/index.php/conte...pci/index.html
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