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Thread: Fancy a gander at Silverback? - Feedback appreciated

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    Arrow Fancy a gander at Silverback? - Feedback appreciated

    I have recently completed bespoke website: silverbackhosting.co.uk

    The website is based around being colourful, modern and simple - but don't forget to roll your mouse over the blue headings on each page for a cool effect. Remember to "explore our environment" (flash rainforest) on the home page too.

    I'm aware of a few minor bugs but any opinions would be greatly appreciated as well as any browser problems experienced (hopefully none).

    Thank you all!


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    Looks nice. Good colors.

    I think I would have avoided the use of TABLE-based layout though, the pages loads in 'sections' and this is not 'tabular data' being presented. Using DIVs and ULs (esp. for the navigation buttons) would achieve the same result with less code, more semantic and Accessible for user-agents for the handicapped.

    A few small errs, nothing difficult to fix. Things like:
    <td height="50"><h1>
    <div align="center">Website <b>inspiration</b>, Website <b>innovation</b>, Website <b>creation</b></div>
    "DIV in H-tag" not allowed. Remove the DIV and apply the declarations/selectors directly to the H-tag and it does the same thing with less code, and validates. This actually looks more like a 'list' and could be written-up that way. Again, for accessibility and brevity of code.

    A nice-looking site. :-)
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    I'll go through with those fixes relating to the headers & I'll definately take the comments about table-based layout on board for future projects!

    thanks for the comments :-)

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