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Thread: problem when importing

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    problem when importing

    i am importing a csv file that contains a unicode data using php my admin...

    i import it but it is not displayed as uniocde for example :

    al-Lujū΄ ilá Allāh : is shown as al-Luju?? il? Alla?h :

    i tried to set the character

    mysql_query("set names utf8");

    note that when inserting al-Lujū΄ ilá Allāh from php my admin it is shown correctly but when importing it from a file named: 2fields.csv
    (a csv file) it is not shown as unicode data
    it is shown as al-Luju?? il? Alla?h

    can anyone help me to import unicode csv file??

    thnx alot
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