I would like to create a website that is essentially a classified ads aggregator. It would scrape and aggregate the ads from local websites posting classified ads in several categories such as buy/sell, help wanted, etc. It would then display them in similar categories. The user would be able to sort them by price, location, etc. The site would also accept the ads from users.

The website will target the local market in one of the European countries. There are several dozens of local websites posting classified ads, either stand alone, or online versions of newspapers. I want my site to pull these ads and display in organized fashion for the user.

There are sites using this model, such as oodle.com, or kijiji.com. However these are huge sites in scope. On the other hand, my project is targeting only 30-40 websites for now.

Where can I find somebody who might be able to do this (I am not coder)?
I see obstacles at the outset:

1. overcoming the occasional changes in the targeted websites.
2. the site will be non-English
3. while basic ads categories are very similar, they are NOT spelled out exactly alike from website to website?
4. I am on my own, no big $$ sponsors
5. above 4 are just the ones that are coming to my mind (not a developer mind)

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