Hey, I'm new to the forum (as you can tell) and, at the risk of being berated, I am relatively new to web development.

I'm working on a portfolio site that has a modal effect when clicking on the thumbnails for artwork (similar to Lightbox, which I opted not to use because of issues with absolute positioning).

I am using jqModal to display remote content through AJAX.

The remote content are HTML files that have the full size image and a small div overlay that has a caption and (if required) links for multiple views of the artwork.

I run into a problem with the links to multiple artwork...

It seems that I cannot trigger a new modal window from within the current modal window.

Is there something about AJAX that I am not getting (conceptually)? I assumed that, because the remote content acquired style from a linked CSS file that they would also acquire the JS / AJAX properties.

Here is the page I am having the issue with:

http://hownottolive.com/byeline/port...arel_test.html (The 'satanic Elvis' thumbnail has multiple views)


I would greatly appreciate any help. I read as much of the "posting guidelines" as I could and this issue didn't seem to fall under any of the specifics they mention... But if I'm out of line and need to GTFO, kindly let me know.