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Thread: JQuery Slider plugin that works with varying image sizes

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    JQuery Slider plugin that works with varying image sizes

    I am building a site in which the stakeholder will be uploading images that vary in two sizes. I need a JQquery slideshow plugin in which the images all do not have to be the same size. While I may resize the original pictures to fit the screen better, the sizes that will be uploaded will be either rougly 800x1225 or roughly 900x600.

    I have been looking at SlidesJS (Click for the example) which would work perfectly if I could get the sizes right. I wil be grabbing all the image locations from a database via PHP so what I thought I could do is add two classes and assign that class to the proper size image but I cannot seem to tweak the plugin properly. I cannot get the images to center in the container div properly and also, I cannot get the little circle nav thing to move above the images as I have the navigation arrow icons.

    So, I suppose my questions are this.

    1. Is anyone familiar with this plugin that could give me any pointers?
    2. Does anyone know of a better plugin that would suit my needs any better than SlidesJS?

    Thanks to anyone taking a look!

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    Try the JQuery (Frameworks) forum.

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