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Thread: [RESOLVED] Fetching html object details from browser

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    ana.dhundale Guest

    resolved [RESOLVED] Fetching html object details from browser

    I want to fetch properties of html object on mouse click to any webpage of any website which is running currently on browser.
    Please help me how can i do this?

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    Can you give a little more explanation please? Normally a script only has access to the details of the page it is actually running in.

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    ana.dhundale Guest
    I want to fetch html object properties from webpage for example when i write www.gmail.com in my browser its login page will appear ,what i want to do here i want to fetch username , password and submit button 's properties of gmail onclick of mouse button.
    i hope you are getting me now?

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    For reasons of security, that is going to be very hard to do.
    I once did something a little bit like this, by running code as an HTA on my desktop, but essentially it isn't supposed to be possible with client-side code.

    Another thought is whether you can use a desktop script of some kind to fetch the page? If that page uses a lot of JavaScript itself then you may not get anythign usable.

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