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Thread: PHP include in JS - dynamic select form

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    Question PHP include in JS - dynamic select form


    I need some help. I need a form with two select tags, one 'category' and one 'subcategory' where the subcategory change depending on the main category.

    I have tried lots of things but can't get it working.. My latest attempt was to create seperate html-pages with just the options in them and to use the PHP include() to add the different subcategories via onChange. I was obviously unsuccessful.

    <form method="post" action="search.php">
    	<select name="category" onChange="javascript:showCategory(this)">
    		<option value="">Välj en kategori</option>
    		<option value="cat1">Category1</option>
    		<option value="cat2">Category2</option>
    	function showCategory(catItem)
    		var i = catItem.selectedIndex;
    		if(i > 0)
    			var value = catItem.options[i].value;
    			if(value == "cat1")
    				<?php include("category/cat1.html");?>
    			else if(value == "cat2")
    				<?php include("category/cat2.html");?>
    Contents of cat1.html
    Would this method work at all? I've searched a lot on the subject and learnt that most recommend using AJAX to do this, but I barely know anything about JS so it would take too long to learn how to do that on my own; my deadline is Monday..

    Please help me

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    No. It woun't work. php (and any other server language) writes something only when the page is loaded or the session is changed. You need the AJAX technique to do what you want to do:


    Quote Originally Posted by YZF-R1
    my deadline is Monday..
    Hmm... You have settled down to a much too ambitious job. You must have known javascript quite well in order to accept that deadline

    You may also simply submit the data to a php application which will write a new page, but that means you will have to change the session.
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    Ok I just have to skip that part of the page then =/. Thanks for clearing it up for me

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