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Thread: cron job

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    cron job

    Good morning everyone
    plz i want to know how to create a cron job using php function and also how to stop this cron from working using php...
    all that i need is to create a cron job using php and when the administrator press send -> the cron will be execute
    and when he press stop -> the cron will be deleted from cpanel

    note that: the administrator does not have an access to the cpanel and also if he has .. he can not deal with it.

    so can anyone have a function to creeate a cron job using php? and also stop it?

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    Cron job is not the linx code

    those are Linux file which execute some script that can either php or any other lanugage

    There are two ways to make a cron job

    one is cpanel and other one is Linux shell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by End User View Post
    PHP Code:
    crontab_set ($min$hour$monthDay$monthNum$weekDay)

    $command "$min $hour $monthDay $monthNum $weekDay /usr/local/bin/php -f /home/egypthol/public_html/snd2.php";
    //echo $command;
    $cron_file "Feed_cron"
    // check for cron/Feed_cron file. If it doesn't exist create it.
        // you must create the file from the browser to associate the proper group
    if (file_exists($cron_file))
    // if it exists, write new command
    $open fopen($cron_file"w"); // This overwrites current line
    // this will reinstate your Cron job
    exec("crontab /home/egypthol/public_html/cron/Feed_cron") or die ("Error");

    // if it Doesn't exist, Create it then write command
    touch($cron_file); // create the file, Directory "cron" must be writeable
    chmod($cron_file0777); // make new file writeable
    $open fopen($cron_file"w");
    // start the cron job!
    exec("crontab /home/egypthol/public_html/cron/Feed_cron"
    or die (


    this is my code... and it makes the file Feed_cron and make inside it the commad

    but there is an error in the exec line coz when the page is loaded the die message ("error") appears.. so i found that the error is in the execute line

    could u plz help me in solving this problem

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    Are you running this on a unix machine?

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    plz take a look on these 2 links:

    http://www.egyptholidaytours.com/cron/cron.php --> this is the page that creates the cron job file and when wirting exec it shows the die error

    http://www.egyptholidaytours.com/cron/test.php --> shows the sever details

    plz i need help in solving this problem

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