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Thread: Please review our site!

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    Exclamation Please review our site!

    Please review www.aarondavisonshow.webs.com . Our site offers exclusive news coverage on Broadway, WWE & TNA Wrestling, Theme Parks in Orlando, FL, and much more! Enjoy your visit on the site that provides "Entertainment news for teens!" Also, Please vote for our site on www.diegofun.webs.com on the "Best Site Competition" page, www.gamesentertainment2.webs.com on the "Member Wars" page, and on www.eggmanhut.webs.com on the "2009WebsFest!" page too. Thank you to anyone who reviews our site! We greatly appreciate it! Also, thank you for all your support!

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    The design is very nice.... until i scrolled down.

    Where does AVON fit into this? I don't get the whole "TO BUY OR SELL AVON, CONTACT..." thing. Why is that there?

    The poll also seems out of place. It doesn't fit into the look/feel of the site. The first thing I though was "it's an unrelated advertisement".

    On the home page, at the bottom, there's some broken html code. The banners don't fit in either. I get that they're ads, but they don't look like they belong... especially the "guest book guy" one. It's terribly ugly.

    On the Broadway page, I can't read the blue links at all. I had to highlight them to see what they were. You should probably make them the same yellow color that you see on the home page.

    My work blocks Flash, so I can't see a bunch of the elements on the site, so I could be wrong about this, but there seems to be a LOT of spacing between elements on your pages. Don't get me wrong, spacing can be good, but there can always be too much spacing.

    Also, minus being completely pointless, the 'flame' pointer thing why you mouse over the background on the home page is kind of ugly and distracting (no offense).

    It's a great start, but the site can use a little fine-tuning.

    Good luck with it.

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