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Thread: Fixed font size with text zoom

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    Fixed font size with text zoom

    Is there a way to set a font size that does not scale when text zoom is employed in a browser? I am only concerned with text zoom not page zoom.

    I would like to apply this to a couple of divs that are spoiling the rest of the page appearance when the text is enlarged.

    Pixel fonts suffice with IE but is there any solution with other browses?


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    Seriously, why would you prevent people people from zooming text when they might need to do it to read the text? People with disabilities are potential customers/partners like everyone else. Web Accessibility should be taken seriously

    Instead i highly recommend that you code your xhtml and stylesheets so your site will accommodate text in variable sizes. Example: Don't set fixed heights on containers but let the padding and content decide the height.

    I recommend this book
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