Hi -
I am in the process of installing some ecommerce software onto out website - however until the new software is installed, redesigned, data added etc (several weeks away) the site is setup with a 301 redirect to our old ecommerce website..
However to fully access the website and admin panel, without being sucked into the 301 redirect I am logging into the website using http://139.687.**.**/~username/ -- is this the correct procedure? then when the site is ready to go live just swap the Site URL in the admin panel over from http://139.687.**.**/~username/ to http://www.mywebsite.co.uk ... and delete the 301 redirect.. or am I looking at problems??

I could set up a localhost on my PC for part of the work but there are people on different sites who need to work on the website - so working directly with the online version would be the simplest solution.