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Thread: [RESOLVED] compile single .cs file into single .dll file

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    resolved [RESOLVED] compile single .cs file into single .dll file

    OK here's the question

    I have "component1.cs" file in the "D:\Site" directory and I need to compile it into "D:\Bin\component1.dll" file

    I looked around some tutorials. but can not find a way of doing it.

    Any ideas on how it can be done?

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    Found the solution, strangly enough in the book that sit's on my shelf

    Here it comes

    These are the commands for comand line

    1) change your directory to where your .cs files are

    2) run next commant

    csc /t:library /r:System.dll /out:component1.dll component1.cs

    The things you might need to change:

    instead of plain csc you might need to put in a path to .NET framwork and then csc


    If you want to save .dll file in a different folder, you migh want to add a path to that folder


    I hope it'll help to those who, like me, does not read books too attentively, or does not have one.

    Refference book:

    Beggining ASP.NET1.1 with Visual C#.NET 2003, released by WROX, Chapter 13, p 470-475

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