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Thread: MyISAM to read records and InnoDB to write?

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    MyISAM to read records and InnoDB to write?


    I read a while ago that if a database gets heavy traffic, then it's best to have MyISAM to read the records (fast) and have another database engine like InnoDB to write the records to the database (reliability). I'm looking for more information on this, but I can't find any.

    Can anyone tell me how this works and if there are any good tutorials on it?


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    the reason you can't find information about this topic is because it's not true. PHP developers have a few misunderstandings about what a transactional database engine is and isn't. myisam is considered good at querying because it's select speed is faster than its insert/update/delete, not because its select speed is faster than InnoDB. this is also why mysql is working on creating Falcon (not to mention that formerly, innodb was bought by their former competitor, now owner, oracle).

    here, take a look this from the performance blog, it was released when falcon was first released

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    Also each table in your database can only be of one type. The best that you could do if it were true that myisam were better for reading and inodb for writing would be to make those tables that contain mostly static data that is rarely updated myisam and those tables that are constantly updated inodb.

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