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Thread: Need Help: Jquery and (form arrays?)

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    Need Help: Jquery and (form arrays?)


    I have a question for you guys.. see I have a form which can be dynamically changed by adding form elements. Now it is the idea that these extra form elements will point to objects that will have to be added to the database. I want to do this in combination with jquery, php and mysql. However I do not have much knowledge about jquery, so for me to do the thing is quite a problem. Any advice?

    See here for an example of what I mean

    ps Sorry about the bad language, I come from the Netherlands

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello Fang
    Thanks for your reply. The thing is that I don't know how to send the information that comes from the form. For example if the user adds two fields and says the first user is John and the second Chris, how can I then send this information via jquery (ajax). Should I put this information in an array and then send it via a jquery function? ($.post). And if so, how can I send an array via this function? I hope i'm a little clear about this, it's a little bit hard to describe what I want with this. Btw the example I showed did I made myself. This shows how I would like it to work, only that what you see in the video does not do the server side part.

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