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Thread: JS Spot The Ball

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    Ok, this is really getting back to basics for me without my precious framework

    Updated the game to include name, email, phone fields (all required).
    The game will also check if you have used all your guesses.
    On success the data is posted back to the server and stored away in the database (also supplied, restore it as spottheball). Just edit the results.php file and change the username and password for your MySQL server.

    There are two tables, the entries table to store the actual entry with names and email addresses, and the entry_positions table that holds each individual guess position. The are linked together by entry_positions.entry_id -> entries.id

    I can pretty much see what I'm going to be asked for next.
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    You, my friend, are most certainly a genious!

    Many thanks once again for your continued help and support!

    I will more than likely be in touch if I get a bit stuck again lol. Thank you though very very much! Webdeveloper.com for the win!

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    Thraddash, little confused with your last version. I need to be able to edit the games and put backgrounds on etc but there's no html file and we don't have a MYSQL server sorted just yet.

    I'm a bit baffled lol!

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    I'm sorry, I forgot to mention that the index.php (previously the html page) file contains the initial page with the games code etc. and the results.php file has the code to manupulate the database.

    I did it this was so it would be the default page on my local machine.

    You will need to have MySQL working before you can have the results captured, and with the files the way they are you will also need to place them in a PHP enabled host. (or you can just rename the index.php to something like index.htm for testing purposes).

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    Right an update...

    The website design is built there are 3 different games available with 3 different amounts of how many times the user can place a guess on the page.

    Now I'm at a total loose end with how the database works. I've changed the variables as mentioned but nothing is getting logged. I also can't seem to upload the spottheball.sql file to the database as it says invalid user login but won't let me change the user login.

    We have a MYSQL database and logins all set in place and everything's where it should be but I'm totally confused as to how we go further.

    Please help as we're days away from going live and we really need this game to work

    Thanks guys!

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    spot the ball

    Hi Guys,

    I'm hoping you can help me?

    I have seen what you put together in your spottheball3.zip file and it looks grat! What I need to be able to do is put a similar point on a picture/image which would mark the centre of a football - maybe a flag instead of a cricket ball?

    I then need to submit the location (x-Y coords) to a database to store an email address, name, department and company. and a facility to run a report on the database.

    Can you guys help me with this?
    It would be much appreciated.

    Kind Regards,
    John R.


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