Hi, im more of a programmer than a database guy so i am not too sure how to tackle my problem on the database level and was hoping i could get some assistance with manipulating some data entries.

I am running phpbb2 on mysql and need to make updates to a text string inside a post on the database table phpbb_posts_text field post_text so i can upgrade to phpbb3. A hack is causing problems and the only way i know to fix it is to update the database entries so they are useable.

What i currently have in the database is : [img:800:600:d543526347]image[/img:d543526347]

And i need to to read as : [img:d543526347]image[/img:d543526347]

Notice only the :800:600 is missing. The values are rarely the same in the some odd 30,000 entries where this occurs, there can be 1-m occurances and it may or may not exists inline with other text.

Anything else you need, just ask, im sure im leaving out something to make this possible or am not clear enough. Thanks for looking, hopefully someone has a simple solution.