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Thread: Website Inventory method???

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    Website Inventory method???


    I have just inherited a website to maintain, and the site is FILLED with old pages, and MANY other outdated files and directories. I am wondering if what the most efficient way of determining what files are used, what files I can remove, and how to remove wheat from the chaff, so to speak.

    Is there an Open Source application or script that can assist me in this job? Unfortunately I also do not have shell access to the site. I do have an off-line copy of the entire site.

    Thanks for any advice offered in advance!

    Rick Stanley

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    In case my first message wasn't clear...

    On another site, someone posted:

    "Delete them manually?" ;^)

    Not the response I was hoping for! ;^)

    First you have to identify which are valid files in use, and which are old, and unused!

    You have just inherited a site, full of thousands of files in many directory structures, add-ons, some being used and some not, php files, private directories, some still being used, but some not, etc... In other words, a TOTAL MESS!!! ;^)

    You are assigned the task of finding and cleaning out the junk, without removing anything valid, that may not be that obvious by viewing the site as a plain user. Yes, I could use "HTTrack Website Copier", or similar product, but it would not handle .php files, server side includes, etc... correctly.

    You want to find the most efficient way of separating the "Wheat from the Chaff" through an automated process, program, or scripts.

    I am inquiring what other people have done when faced with this daunting task. Yes, I could start with index.html, examine, copy each file referenced manually, running multiple tests, but this could be a VERY LOOOONNNNGGG and difficult process!

    Any "Constructive" advice is most welcome. I am surprised in my search that someone has not come up with an affordable, preferably Open Source solution to this problem. This is a problem waiting for a solution that I am in no way prepared to start! ;^)

    Rick Stanley

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    you really do need to manually go through things.
    hopefully they are in some sort of a folder structure where there are entire folders which are no longer needed.

    step 1 though is to compress the entire site and dload it! have that backup just in case.

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