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Thread: Flash FLVPlayback - no seek indicator

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    Flash FLVPlayback - no seek indicator

    In a Flash movie I've created that dynamically loads an FLVPlayback component for any FLV video. For a particular FLV I'm trying with it, for some reason there is a seek bar but no handle at the current position! Consequently, scrubbing is impossible.

    The same SWF, playing another FLV, features the properly functioning handle.

    The FLV that works was encoded using the official Flash Video Encoder. The one that doesn't was encoded with the free Taka Encoder. In what way could the FLV itself be responsible for a disappearing seek handle, and what could I do to solve this (possible encoding settings)?

    I'd be interested in advice anyone has about free FLV encoders. I tried Riva as well, but in that instance I ended up with a video that frequently failed to display on initial load, even though the FLV data itself loaded (evidenced by the progress in the seek bar and by the fact that it worked as normal upon reload after the FLV was cached).

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    I think this might be caused by meta data being present in the files that Flash Video Encoder outputs. This meta data is automatically included in the output flv from this program. The meta data can be set manually though too. You could test this theory by injecting the metadata afterwards using:

    FLV MetaData Injector

    Or you could just dynamically insert the data through actionscript, but this would require you to store the data in some file

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    Thanks for the info! I actually encoded it with Taka a second time after I observed there was an "insert Metadata" flag in the interface. I made sure that was set, and no problems with the new video! (Kind of odd; the flag was already checked, which means it is the default, so I'm sure it would have been set before . . . but I don't know for sure.)

    The Metadata Injector tool you linked to is a great resource to know about for the future!

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