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Thread: ASP or PHP

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    ASP or PHP

    I have a web server at my disposal with IIS installed. I am probably going to have to develop a web site for a client to manage billing information hosted and administrated by us. I have used PHP before to develop a webside for COllege which involved upload and storing file etc but that was 2 years ago. I used PHP and found it very eeasy to learn and use.

    My question is
    a) can i use PHP with IIS easily enough
    b) Should i use stick with PHP which i have an idea of or should i learn ASP to run on the IIS server

    Thanks in advance

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    ASP is basically dead having been replaced some years ago by .NET, only legacy sites now use ASP. There are a range of languages that can be used with .NET including PHP.

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    Thanks for the response. You'll have to excuse my ignorance.

    So I take it ASP.Net and ASP and two completely different languages. Would you recommend ASP.Net or PHP.

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    Either can pretty much do the same jobs. PHP is generally more portable as anything .NET is tied to Microsoft environments, and therefore PHP (in conjunction with other open-source software like Apache and Linux) can keep your costs lower when working on a very limited budget. Since you already have the MS/IIS server, that should not be an issue in this case (unless there is any possibility you might want to port what you're working on to a non-MS platform at some point).

    If you want to make it a learning project that will give you more marketable skills, you could look into implementing it using C#.NET, or even JSP (Java) as they are probably the most in-demand languages right now in general in the IT world.

    Me, I'd probably do it in PHP since that's what I know best.
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    Thanks, i think ill take advantage of the fact that i have MS/IIS server available. There seems to be a bit of demand for develpers with ASP.Net experience here and i'd like to get into commercial development so any bit of experience with ASP.Net would be beneficial.

    I don't know much about JSP so i didn't even consider that, i have also considered a java applet but i was never very good at java

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