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Thread: A Problem With Frames - Killing Them!

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    A Problem With Frames - Killing Them!

    Hello everybody,

    I have recently installed frames onto one page of my website and did not take the decision lightly. I saw no other way to do what I was wanting. Now, the frameset of two rows is working perfectly. The first row contains the banner and the linksbar. When my users click the links bar, as would be expected, the whole page does not change, rather just the one frame. I need the whole page to change and get rid of every single frameset.

    Is there any way I can acheive what I am suggesting. I am a PHP coder and am not scared of my language.

    Thanks in advance and regards,

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    yeah... in the link that you want this to happen put:

    HTML Code:
    n00b like no other

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