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Thread: Need function for shopping cart

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    Exclamation Need function for shopping cart

    Does anyone know the function for a shopping cart so when you add an item to a cart, it adds it up on the page? I know its an onclick event to add the item to the cart, but whats the function or an example of one similar?

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    Your question is a little bit confused, so give me a little more details and maybe I could answer it...

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    This is my idea, I have a group of radio buttons, each button has a product with a price, when someone click on radio button 1, the price adds up to the shopping cart at the top of the page, then if someone clicks radio button 2, that gets added and radio button 1 gets subtracted. I have about 11 categories of radio button groups, each group has around 5 options. At the end of the page, I need it so that when someone clicks "submit" for the form, it will then display the totals of the form on another page.

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