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Thread: java script and page load for database

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    java script and page load for database

    Hi ….please help me out from this………………….

    I want database connectivity (MYSQL) with PHP page, and I want department name in a drop down menu …. And when a user select a department all related forms should appear in next popup drop down or simple drop down list…

    All information (Department name and forms name) is stored in database.

    Connectivity part i have done

    Can you help in javasript haw a pge load each time when user select from first drop down list....to get back to server and taking back withcocern values.....

    For example ….it is like when a user selects a country name from a drop down menu in next drop down all state of selected country appears in next drop down menu.

    Please help me. And please tell me full code, or as much u can…..


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    first I doubt anyone is going to do your whole project for you. especially when you have posted no code to show you have tried to solve this, then you posted you want it to work like the country/state select, well I would of started http://www.bitrepository.com/dynamic...-counties.html that is a link that shows you how to do the state select. look at that code try and get it to work then try to implement it to your code, show people that you have given this a shot before they spend there free time on helping. follow that link and give some of that a shot

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