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    Registration page

    I am working on a registration page and I have got most of it working but having some trouble with some validation checks.

    I need to make sure that there is not already a person with that userid already in the mysql database. And if there is not then I need to check in another database (oracle) and make sure that that userid they are entering is a valid userid for this site.

    The first check that I am using is a mysql database and the second check is to an oracle database.

    Any help would be great!

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    1. You can make one view from two tables and use this code:
     public String loginHyp_action() {
            String userid = (String) loginTxt.getText();
            String password = (String) pswdTxt.getText();        
            // refresh to pick up newly added users
            RowKey rowKey = motomanaiDataProvider.findFirst(new String[]{"motomanai.nick", "motomanai.pasw"}, new Object[]{userid, password});
            if (rowKey == null) {
                error("Bad login");
                return null;
            return null;
    2. use this code two times for different dataproviders

    I'm not good java programmer, but it should work

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