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Thread: IE7 prints first page, other blank

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    IE7 prints first page, other blank

    I have a web page that produces a report in an html table. The table can be very long.

    In IE7, when i print, or in print preview, it only displays the content on the first page. And example, one report should be 3 pages. IE7 prints everything fine on the first page, the table stops at the page break, then it prints 2 blank pages. (It would print 3 blank pages in a 4 page report, and so on..)

    FF works fine, printing the continued table on the remaining 2 pages. Unfortunately this is for a work place that is almost all IE.

    Has anyone experienced this and/or know of a solution?


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    It could be that your page has additional space on the side, and IE is moving it to the next page.
    Set the width of your page/table/containers to auto for media="print" and see if the problem still exists.

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