Hi all.

I have a client that gave me a dvd of an event they held that they want on their site.

I was planning on uploading to Google video, but found out they don't allow uploads anymore (bummer!). So I guess I need to do this the hard way, and I'm clueless.

I really have 2 issues, my main focus on the first issue here (once I get that resolved, I'll move on to the second one).

Issue #1: The DVD I was given has the movie broken up into Audio_TS and Video_TS folders. Audio_TS folder is empty, and Video_TS folder has 9 files in it. I believe I need to use either Video_TS.IFO or Video_TS.VOB.

Anyone know of a decent free (or cheap) program that will do a good job converting this to a format I can use for streaming video?

Issue #2: Again, no rush on this, but figured I'd post in case it makes a difference to the above question (or if someone can kill 2 birds with 1 stone).

Once I get the Video_TS file converted, what's a good way to create streaming video on the site? I'd like to have a player that you can enlarge for a bigger video image. I've seen posts on using Flash, but wasn't sure if that's the best way to go (not sure if that can enlarge the video).

Thanks so much in advance for your help!