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Thread: .net/mssql vs PHP

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    .net/mssql vs PHP

    Can anyone tell me the advantages/disadvantages between the two types of apps?

    Which app do you prefer and why?

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    For business or hobby/personal?
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    For business.

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    For business applications I would suggest .NET and SQL Server since these are licensed products that come with support. Although there is allot of PHP support available on the internet it is open source and so you may find that you will have to air your organization's 'dirty laundry', if you will, on newsgroups such as this one. Going with a licensed product that comes with support that is a phone call away as opposed to digging through posts should a development or even worse a production issue arise.

    Hope this helps,

    Larry Darrah
    MS AE

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    Personaly I think that PHP is more straight forward. Much of .NET functionality is interlinked with Windows and hidden away from your general developer.

    I now make projects in both, but still find it refreshing to make some stuff I do in .NET in PHP, just for fun.

    If you looking to learn one of them from scratch, I'd say start from .NET, as it will be a major pain in the butt to learn after you've worked with proper coding like PHP or Java

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    Wow! Just saw this one and I had to comment briefly. I am not sure what "proper coding" means, but if spaghetti code is what you mean, then yes, use PHP. That is basically what you will end up with. Also, you need to be more specific with what you are comparing. .Net is a framework that allows building web sites, executables, web services, etc. etc. etc. PHP, you get web pages and that is it, correct? Also, the IDE for .Net apps is Visual Studio, and the IDE for PHP is ... notepad or another text editor.

    So, these are my brief comments that I am sure will stir up some more comments.

    peace yo!

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    I would laso like to add that .NET, being a framework, is consumable by many programming languages like CFML8 and Python... not just windows client applications and provides great flexibility in the functionality while not letting you "jump off a programming cliff", if you will.
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    One can write .NET apps in notepad if needs be

    If "spaghetti code" - means just putting everything in one file without writing functions and classes or any other structure, then it's kinda wrong, at least for me anyway.

    As I use both for web development, I make my judgement based on that.

    The problem I found with .NET is that a lot of it is a locked in functionality, so it takes far more effort to get it all just to work. That is exactly why I advise learning .NET FIRST.

    Once you can write .NET properly though it does have some of the more useful features like combining both server and client side scripting. Another advantage of learning .NET first will be a habit of declaring variables in the begining of the page/function

    The PHP is more down to earth coding with far less internal functions, it also integrates with HTML much easier. It is much easier to write code in PHP as one does not have to call on to a numerous inbuilt functions of inbuilt objects. The backlash is that PHP is only server side scripting, and one needs to learn JavaScript for client side.

    The bigest advantage for PHP is that it can run on ANY server where's .NET is limited to Windows servers only

    One can create web services in both PHP and .NET

    I tried to explain it the best I could. There always will be those who will try to ditch one or the other. Learn them both and then make your choice.

    I try to improve at both of them despite prefering PHP.

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    I use PHP, Java and .NET for development - they all have their plus points and I think that they will reiterate some other points mentioned here.

    For work:
    Almost exclusively .NET as I write both applications and websites and you can share a large portion of the back-end code between apps and websites. Also the support situation is another reason. The other main reason is the IDE which is very slick, great debugging on-the-fly (you could write a whole article on how good the IDE is to be honest). Speed of building software is also a big business incentive.

    For hobby:
    PHP mainly and some Java. In some ways the fact that I don't use a really nice IDE for either of these means that I can edit code on any machine and even online (my host has browser-based code editors). It is very cheap to get hosting with databases and lots of impressive free software to install. If my job involved using these languages more, I guess I would do .NET for a hobby though as I think it can't do any harm to be good at all of them!

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