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Thread: Visual Basic Web - CheckBoxList

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    Visual Basic Web - CheckBoxList

    I want to make a checkbox list with columns to bind every column to a database. I'll place this checkbox list on a web-page.

    I have a database of dictionary, which has 2 columns; "English" and "French"

    - I want my checkbox list to view all the english and french words appart in 2 columns,
    - webpage visitors must be able to order (asc. or desc.) the columns, if needed.
    - webpage visitors can check the words, they need, and press print to print the selected words.

    GENERAL QUESTION: How to make such a checkboxlist with multiple columns?

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    I've added a column "CheckBox" (bit) to the dictionary database...

    Then I've placed a GridView to my page bound to my database; it's almost what I want... but... Checkbox field is not readonly (ReadOnly = False)... but when running the page, it's readonly... you cannot check a checkbox...


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    I've enabled selection for GridView... but it's not a checkbox... it's a link, or image, or a button

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