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Thread: Anchor elements within DIV

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    Anchor elements within DIV

    I created four blocks of DIV, say ch1, ch2, ch3 and ch4 with overflow property set to hide other div blocks. These DIV blocks are accessed using "Named Anchor" protocol. For example if I want to see contents of 'ch2' DIV block while on ch1 DIV block, I would access it using <a href="#ch2". So far so good. But if ch2 DIV bloack had anchor elements, how would I access those anchor elements directly while 'ch1' DIV block is active. Please note that I am using CSS overflow set to HIDDEN, and that is a requirement for what I am doing. I just can't figure out a way to access anchor elements in another DIV block using href. Does href allow two anchor elements in its path? or is there another way of doing this?

    Thanks for your help

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    Why use overflow? Are the div heights set to zero?
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    I think I am totally mis-understanding this question for some reason... it would be nice if we had a link to be sure of what your saying, cause the overflow is curious, so we don't spill stuff like this:

    A fancy pants way of doing it is to set a fixed tool bar on the left or on the bottom (position: absolute; z-index: something; bottom: 0 I think that is right, havn't done it in awhile... this way they click the anchor choice from the tool bar (put a <ul> in there with the links) and it's always there!

    So did I mis-understand or what... put us a link up.
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