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Thread: Reproducing Frames without using Frames

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    Reproducing Frames without using Frames


    I've been out of source coding for some times now. I've lost track of the technology advancement. A friend has a site that he's looking change around a bit. His preference is similar to how Frames work, a nav bar that opens pages in a main body, but I was curious if there was a better, more transparent or modern way of doing this. What changes have there been to Frames? I saw something on IFrames, but that was dated 2001. Am I being clear in what I'm asking.

    Thanks for any help.
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    SSI or PHP include(other languages possible)
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    Yes, thanks, I did continue my search after posting the above query and found out about SSI. I think I can make this work, but it will take some relearning. I know very little about PHP and am hesitant in touching it. I'm not a programmer, I'm really just an amateur who learned html eight years ago by copying the source code of web sites and deleting bits and pieces to see how it worked. Seems now I'll be needing to hit the books and learn some programming languages. Again, thanks for your response. It confirms I am in the right direction now.

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