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Thread: Slow DL Speeds

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    Slow DL Speeds

    I recently took off my Nortan Antivirus from my computer and I am now running with the Windows Firewall. However now whenever I go to download a file of any type it downloads INCREDIBLY slow, before it downloaded at least 3-4x times faster. Could this be a virus that was released when I deleted Nortan? Or is it something to do with the Windows Firewall settings?

    Any help is much appreaciated, ty

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    Maybe your Windows Firewall is cause of Slow Downloading Speed. Just off the Windows Firewall to make Fast your Download Speed.

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    Tried to download without it on and the speeds are still incredibly slow.

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    Well let me put it this way, you jumped from one frying pan straight in to another frying pan.

    Windows Firewall is about as resiliant as a chocolate Tea pot in the desert.

    Norton, ditching that was the best option you took so far, however I would say that you should get a decent 3rd party firewall like ZoneAlarm. Something which I have used myself for many years. I was once a Norton user, so when I diss a norton product, I do it from experience and not bias.

    Norton sells on its name which they made in the 80's when they did produce decent tools.

    I spent 3 days researching, testing and vetting software firewalls and stumbled across ZoneAlarm, this was back when the company was just starting out. I was impressed with it for several reasons and the most important ones were that it ran in a small amount of memory, was not resource hungry or ate too muc CPU time (except when under full bruteforce & DOS attacks) and I have had a few of them too! but ZA stood up to the challenge.

    I suggest you research firewalls other than norton and find one that you can get on with.

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