Here's a very bizarre situation one of my clients is having...

I'll start out to say they have several email accounts (comcast, yahoo, and a couple through their website).

They use their Yahoo email through Yahoo's site, where they need to login to to check email.

They have their web emails set up in Windows Mail (using Vista Home Edition).

I think they login to Comcast through Comcast's site, although I could be wrong on that one. To date, though, Comcast has NOT been an issue.

Here's what's happening... If they send an email from their Yahoo account (which they logon to Yahoo's site for), the reply comes into one of their web email addresses in Windows Mail.

I've seen this myself when I was testing. Has me completely baffled, and I can't think of anything that would cause this issue. Several hours spent googling hasn't turned up anything.

Any ideas???