Hey all - first post to site - I have a bit of a a css problem; I'm reasonable at css development but this has stumped me.

Basically I have got a page with banner header and right menu. On the left I have a graphic of an xray of a skeleton with O's over specific parts of the skeleton. The client has asked if it possible for the user to mouse over the O's and a popup graphic appear next to the O, a rounded rectangle with a drop shadow with a bite out of the corner nearest the O, with some text and a link on it, over the top of the skeleton image.

The client wants to avoid flash and I have done hidden div popups in the past on links, but nothing as graphical. Any hints or ideas?

My thoughts are - have a default skeleton and then X number of skeleton images with the popups already on, hidden upon load and show them upon roll over. But what happens then if I roll off the hit area to get to the lin on the popup?