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Thread: Difference between AJAX and Java Scripts

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    Difference between AJAX and Java Scripts


    I want to know what is difference between java script and AJAX and can java scripts used in AJAX ??????????

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    Basically, all AJAX is, is a method for javascript to communicate with the server. AJAX utilizes javascript always, there is no distinction. For more info, see: http://www.w3schools.com/ajax/default.asp

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    The difference between Javascript and AJAX is there are some functions in Javascript which requires the page to be reloaded, For example if you wanted error text to appar on the page after they entered the incorrect value on a page. AJAX is aused to accomplish functins such as these without the need to reload the page which takes stress off of your server. An advanced function of AJAX is www.googlemaps.com You are able to easily move the map around and zoom in and zoom out without waiting for it to load.

    Yahoo uses a function like this but its not AJAX and as you can see on yahoo its frustrating because the page is always reloading. And then when you hit the back button in yahoo it takes for ever for you to actually get back to the previous page.

    Bottom like is AJAX is cool.
    Jawaune Saad

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    That's not all true, you can modify the page to show error messages without AJAX or page reloads, astupidname's description was better. You could in theory load the entire world at once on the map and use pure JS to navigate, using AJAX is simpler however as it means the page can load parts of the map if and when they're needed.

    I think you may be getting confused between JavaScript, AJAX and DOM, the third being a set of functions and properties you can use in JavaScript, itself just a language with very few functions.

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    JavaScript can update a web page without needing to reload the page BUT if the information needed to do the update is on the server then JavaScript either needs to do a call to the server to retrieve the data (which is commonly called Ajax) or it needs to reload the page in order for the info from the server to be retrieved.

    Ajax isn't a language itself, it is simply a way for JavaScript to retrieve information from the server. It usually refers specifically to using XMLHttpRequest (or the activex eqivalent) but some people extend its meaning to include the other three ways that JavaScript can retrieve information from the server as well (iframe, image, external JavaScript).
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