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    Basically I have a site and I want to enable visiters to view a page based on thier post code. What I want is a simple form text box and submit button, if the begining of thier postcode matches I would like them redirected to a specific page and if it doesn't match redirected to another.

    For example

    A user types BD1 in to the text box and clicks submit and is redirected to http://domain.com/hiddenpage.html

    A user types BD2 in the text box and clicks submit and is redirected to http://domain.com/notallowed.html

    I'm sure this is a basic script but I cannot find an example on the internet so if someone could post an example I would appreciate it.


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    You'll need a third page, one for the JavaScript free folks:
    <form action="java-script-free.php" onsubmit="this.action = /^BD1/.test (this.zip.value) ? 'one-page.php' : 'another-page.php'">
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